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Many people say Luke and I go together like “peanut butter and jelly.” Well the craziest thing is we work very hard on our relationship to have the beautiful relationship we have.

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Parents grow humans. Whether you are a birth parent, step parent, partner to someone who has kids, our job is to grow them, just like trees, flowers, and giraffes. The ingredients for growing a human include food, water, love, respect and knowledge.

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My professional life is as diverse as everything else in my life. I live by the four descriptions: silly, strong, lucky and honest and I guess that is what got me to where I am today.

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The World

I want to change the world. My husband has pushed me to “change the world, one child at time.” He tells everyone he knows “my wife is on a mission to change the world.” Well he is right, but I wish he dialed it in a little bit.

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I am Alise, however my legal name is Alyssa. But it is pronounced A Lisa. This is so strange because my whole life I have been called Alyssa (A Lisa) but clearly spelled Alyssa (as in Alissa). When I asked my parents “why,” their response was the strange part. They named me after the flower “alyssum.” So really my name was intended to be Alyssa (Alissa). So that was that.

I was born in Northern Minnesota with a whole lot of black hair. My hair has been a “thing” my how life. In fact, my Brother has always said I am a hair farmer. I truly think he is jealous, but regardless I have a lot of dark brown hair.

If I had four adjectives to describe my life it would be (in no order) Silly, Strong, Honest, and Lucky. Why lucky? I just happen to get myself in situations I don’t intend to. For example, after I graduated from College with my Bachelors, I wanted to go to Nursing school. I applied to the U of MN, which invited me down for an interview. With 85 percent of the interview completed, I was asked “why do you think you would be a candidate for our inaugural Post-Baccalaureate Nursing program?” Great question, I thought, I was applying for the BSN program, so I am not sure how to answer that. Of course, I did answer it and leaving the U, I thought…

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New Model For Early Learning

Posted by Alise on 9.10.19

Considering that they’re programmed to learn, why are we surprised when children do what comes naturally? Why do we consistently think it’s beyond their ability to pick up certain concepts, skills, and practices? I think part of the problem is that our current educational model wrongly assumes babies and young children have limited learning capacities…

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Babies: Empty Vessels or Learning Machines?

Posted by Alise on 9.8.19

Babies are born completely unskilled and dependent. They can’t speak or understand language. They are nearsighted, able to see only see shapes, light, and motion. They can’t even support their own heads. It’s a long row to hoe for them to acquire the huge volume of physical and mental skills and knowledge that we adults use automatically every day. Compared to a fawn, for example, that can stand up within minutes of birth, human newborns are incredibly helpless…

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A Human Experiment

Posted by Alise on 8.28.19

Life is busy for everyone. We as parents run from one crazy activity to another despite the full-time jobs we may have and (signs) family, friends and life. Growing up, summer was a time that I “played.” I played with my friends and cousins. It was a time to refresh. As a parent I noticed…

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Stop The Flu Spread

Alise, as a registered nurse, provides excellent advise on stopping the spread of flu germs.

Indoor Activities For Kids

Alise provides some excellent experiments for kids to engage when the weather dictates remaining inside.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Alise shows some great examples of crafted Valentine’s Days presents.

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