Alise Videos

Stop The Flu Spread
Alise, as a registered nurse, provides excellent advise on stopping the spread of flu germs.

Indoor Activities For Kids
Alise provides some excellent experiments for kids to engage when the weather dictates remaining inside.

Valentine’s Day Crafts
Alise shows some great examples of crafted Valentine's Days presents.

Children’s Book Week
Alise provides suggestions of some excellent books for your child.

Summer Brain Drain
Alise explains how to ensure your child doesn't lose knowledge during summer break.

Bribe Your Kids Week
Alise provides some excellent ways to distract your child having a meltdown as opposed to bribing them.

Healthy Back To School
Alise provides some excellent tips on packing a healthy lunch for your child.

National Literacy Month
Alise recommends reading to your children every day.

Creative Halloween Costumes
Alise gives some fun advice for creating costumes.

Science of Winter
Alise brings ordinary winter related items and shows how to do some fun experiments with the kids.

Love In Different Languages
Alise explains why it is so easy for kids 0-5 to learn languages.

I Love To Read Month
Alise explains some original ways to involve very young children in reading.

Pi Day – 3.14.16
Alise explains the significance of Pi Day, 3.14.16

April Showers
Alise gives advice on keeping children engaged during spring shows.

Teacher Appreciation Day
Alise comments on the old adage, "It's easier to build strong children that fix broken adults."

Rainy Day Activities
Alise provides some great ideas on keeping kids active during rainy days.

Surviving The Fair With Kids
Alise offers some timely tips on surviving the State Fair with kids in tow.

Education On A Stick
Alise offers some easy ways to educate using household items.

Talking To Your Kids About Politics
Alise has some recommendations regarding political discussions with your kids.

Around the World Celebration
Alise provides some creative ideas for dealing with bad weather.

BPA and Teethers
Alise explains the dangers of the chemical, BPA, in teethers and their alternatives

Cut Kids Sugar Intake
Alise explains the important of reducing your kid’s sugar intake.

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss
Alise leads a tribute to Dr. Seuss, the ultimate child story teller.

Sleep and Behavior
Alise explains the right amount of sleep per age and how that affects behavior.

Grow with Gardening
Alise explains some of the many benefits of engaging children with gardening.

Learning About Winter
Alise forwards some bright ideas for parents dealing with winter.

Fidget Spinners
Alise provides better options for children than fidget spinners.

Better Teachers = Better Education
Alise explains the importance of having really good teachers and treating them well.

Kids and Patience
Alise shares an excellent way to teach patience to our children.

Kids and Holiday Stress
Alise makes 4 excellent points on dealing with holiday stress.

Summer Break
Alise provides some thoughtful parenting tips for summer break.