The World

I want to change the world. My husband has pushed me to “change the world, one child at time.” He tells everyone he knows “my wife is on a mission to change the world.” Well he is right, but I wish he dialed it in a little bit.

I am involved in municipal government because at that level, impact is real. Impact of the community’s voice to continue to make the city a better place, one by one, changes the world.

I wrote my first book, Creating Brilliance, to share the knowledge I learned about children, development and how we can set the bar higher and see better results. I also wrote, Level up (not yet published), because there are so many ways we can take our lives to the next level.

I speak to share my message about making the world a better place. Sharing the message that each person holds an incredible gift of exceeding their potential and becoming the best person they want to be, helps me change the world.

At the end of the day: the authentic, inspiring, honest stories guide others to see that whatever dreams they have developing within themselves can be mastered.