Traditional Marriage

            I remember dreaming of my Prince Charming to come marry me.  I dreamed of a fairy tale just like Disney depicts in their movies. In short, things didn’t go as planned.  Recently I was talking to a few couples and we were talking about roles in marriages. I reflected on the fact that because I was working 12-16 hours a day at my job and Luke’s schedule was more flexible than mine, often did a lot of untraditional things in our house. He has a very demanding job, at certain times of the year, but when it isn’t demanding, it is amazing.  

            With both children, he got up in the middle of the night with them more than 75 percent of the time. In my defense, I didn’t hear them. He jumped up the second they stirred. He claims a nuclear warhead could go off and I would still be snoring away.  He was in charge of groceries, laundry, sports, etc.  I must comment on the sports side of things. He is only in charge of that because he wants our children to be in every activity available and we differ on what children should be doing in the evenings.  So, if he wants to run them all over town every night, that’s on him. 

            As my schedule lessened and I got more things off my plate, I was able to do more of the things around the house and not running from one meeting to another.  Here is the thing: He didn’t like the way I did things. He wanted his clothes folded a certain way, and the kid’s laundry put away a certain way and I didn’t do them the same way. He also didn’t like the way I loaded the dishwasher. So, the best compromise I could think of was for him to keep doing them.  He agreed!

            I have always been the one that has the consistency with the kids, he is the fun guy, I am the one they run to when they are sick or hurt, he doesn’t know what to do when that happens.  We have a great balance of “powers.”  

            He is a man’s man. He likes sports, his buddies, and big steaks. I like the color pink, flowers and am super girlie. He loves to get me gas, open doors for me and treat me like a princess.  Together we have our roles, but whenever our household needed it, we can break out of the traditional roles and support each other with what is necessary to get done. In the meantime, he can keep the laundry.