Trips to Chicago

            Opening a center in Chicago never seemed like the best idea. However, I was convinced after numerous asks and understood it would be “turnkey.”  It wasn’t turnkey at all and I am over that.  But, I do have some pretty crazy adventures in my trips to Chicago so far.  I reflected on the fact that in 2018 I spent 12 weeks there.  12 weeks! That is a whole quarter.  No wonder I can still smell the popcorn in the O’hare airport.

            I don’t drink coffee, however with commuting (no joke, early flight there and late flight home) I needed an extra boost sitting at the airport. I remember getting on the flight and all of the overhead bins were full.  I was naturally annoyed and also in the bulk head, so unfortunately, I had no choice to find a place to store my bag.  I set my coffee down on the arm rest and asked for help from the flight attendant.  Finally got my luggage squared away and I turned around to literally dump my hot coffee on the gentleman next to me (his foot).  If that wasn’t awkward enough, I gasped “oh my gosh, I am so sorry,” but then reached over and grabbed the top of his shoe and held it. He was fine, but I was mortified.

            On the airplane ride home, I thought about the few days I was in Chicago and the additional things that happened.  When I first arrived, I had to get some toilet paper for the center. I walked across the street to CVS and bought two packages of 48 rolls.  The cashier asked if I wanted to buy a bag (for 7 cents—heck no).  He asked if I wanted straps (for what I thought).  I paid and left.  Walking across the busy street at 815am, the bottom of the toilet paper broke out and 48 rolls of fresh white toilet paper bounced all over the street. Oh my gosh, I thought I can’t leave it or I will get fined for littering.  So I played frogger and picked each of them up, built a toilet paper castle on the curb and sent someone else back to CVS to buy toilet paper and suggested a bag.

            To finish up my trip I was meeting someone on a Saturday and so no one else was at the center.  We have a very secure entrance with the requirement of two key fobs; one on the outside and one more on the corridor entrance.  I had my phone, keys, purse, work bag, etc in the office and when I saw the person I was meeting came to the door. I rushed out to meet them and my heart sank.  I was locked out.  With all of my stuff inside. On a Saturday.  I was in a total panic.  So much that I considered breaking the window but didn’t even have anything to break it. I couldn’t call anyone because my phone was inside.  I took a second and realized the tenants next door had a fob for emergencies.  I ran next door with my fingers and toes crossed to find out….they had a fob.

            I left to head back to the airport and thought, its going to be awhile before I fly back and forth to Chicago. It’s good to have these experience because I grew from them, but I do feel like staying in Minnesota is a better plan for me.