Where is the Mojo?

I am sure I am not the only person that started out 2020 with high aspirations, lofty goals, and a plan for the first year of next decade.

The first two months of 2020 started out in line with those goals. Then the COVID-19 crisis happened….

First let me define Mojo. To me, Mojo is what keeps us in forward motion. Mojo is the all around motion. It encompasses both professional and personal growth. Motivation is the push that drives our Mojo.

How do we find (or keep for that matter) our Mojo during a Pandemic? Businesses have gone dark, Economic concerns are on the rise, Unemployment is the highest since the great depression and families are spending 24/7 at home….together. It is no surprise that Mojo is not a big focus of mine.

But, I know the #Stayathome orders will loosen at some point. We will get back to work, at some point, and we will not be at home with our families 24/7, at some point. Do we wait until then to find our Mojo?

I feel like I have gone through waves of Mojo during this Pandemic. In the beginning, I was really motivated because I thought, lets take the next “two weeks” because that was what our #Stayathome looked like at that point, and find our priorities. Then the two weeks became another four. OK, I thought, well now I have a little longer to plan for renegotiating my goals, planning for the future, etc. But about week three of the six, I lost all possible Mojo. Likely deteriorating day by day until fully depleted. I realized I was depleted the Sunday morning, my girls and I watched an old movie I watched in College. They looked over and asked why I was crying (I rarely cry). I said “this brings me back to when I was just finishing up College and was filled with Hope. Where is the Hope now?”

Once I hit the bottom, I looked around and realized I was going to need to pick myself back up. In general, I am a really positive person and wasn’t going to allow myself to fall into a deep state of lack of motivation. I woke up on Monday, I made a long list of #QuarantineGoals. It took a few days to really see that it was going to take a lot of motivation. Without an “end in sight” of coming out of my home, “I can do that tomorrow,” turned into the perpetual Groundhog’s day the world was facing.

I was reminded by a quote I have in my office by David Brooks,“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it so.”

I took my goal setting to a new level. Rather than #QuarantineGoals, I set #hourlygoals. My calendar was filled with items that I needed to complete that day, just broken down. Never in my life did I need such a strict schedule. After the first day or so of hourly goal completion, I could move into #MorningGoals and #AfternoonGoals.

The break up of goals worked both for professional and personal. I wanted to come out of the #StayAtHome the same or better than I went in. I realized how easy it was to wear sweatpants (the same ones for a few days), not continue my daily work outs, stay up late and not know what day it is.

The most common buzz word I have heard over the last month or so is #Pivot. How is your business going to #Pivot during this crisis. Maybe I am the only person that needs Mojo in order to even begin to think of any #Pivioting.