My professional life is as diverse as everything else in my life. I live by the four descriptions: silly, strong, lucky and honest and I guess that is what got me to where I am today.

I started down the Pre-Med track (story of a lot of college student’s life) and move to Exercise Physiology. After graduating with my Bachelors, I jumped right into Nursing School. As if working as a Cardiac Nurse was enough to keep me busy, I opened a preschool. The plan for my preschool was just to have a few children and keep working as a Nurse, because I worked the night shift, I could do both. Five turned into fifty turned into 500 then 1000 children. I stopped working as a Nurse a few years into my entrepreneurship. I don’t have a MBA and didn’t go to school for business, so I learned from the “school of hard knocks” how to build and grow a successful business.

I don’t spend a lot of time patting myself on my back, because I think growth is the most important path and by growth, I mean: Personal, spiritual, emotional, professional, etc. Each obstacle I experienced, I grew. It didn’t always feel good. As of 2019, the company I started with 7 children back in 2009 had 200 employees and 1000 children in attendance. It was an amazing ride!